Wood Slats

Element Decor: Elevating Spaces with Custom Wood Slats

Our wood slats are far from ordinary pre-made panels. Each slat is meticulously handcrafted, allowing for complete customization in terms of size while maintaining an impeccable appearance.

These versatile slats can be arranged on your walls diagonally or in any creative pattern, highlighting the focal points of your space. We offer the option to incorporate lighting within the slats or position LED profiles between them, adding an extra layer of elegance.

Furthermore, our slats can be finished to be smooth, devoid of traditional wood texture, and painted with a special enamel. Beyond their decorative function, wooden slats serve as a means to infuse elements of style and coziness into your interior. They act as distinctive accent pieces, imparting a unique character to your space. Element Decor redefines the possibilities of wood slats, making them a design element that elevates any environment.

Our Process

1. Consultation

Element Decor initiates each project with a comprehensive consultation, specifically tailored for wood slats. We delve into your unique needs, lifestyle, and design preferences to create wood panel solutions that harmonize with your vision, ensuring a transformation that exceeds expectations.

2. Design and Selection

Our process involves guiding you through wood panel types, materials, and finishes, all within the context of  wood slats. Element Decor ensures your vision aligns perfectly with the selected elements, aiding in choosing the right design that enhances your space and creates an aesthetic and functional appeal.

3. Estimate

Element Decor team is devoted to bringing your wood paneling project to life within your budget. We’ll furnish a comprehensive estimate tailored to your financial plan, covering all vital aspects. Our objective is to make sure your vision of transforming your space with wood panels is not just attainable but also cost-effective, meeting all your remodeling requirements

4. Installation

Once the details are finalized, Element Decor’s skilled installers take charge, ensuring a smooth and precise installation of wood slats. Our team seamlessly integrates the wood panels into your designated space, resulting in a transformed area with precision and expertise, meeting your expectations at every step.

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Wood Slats FAQs

Wood slats are narrow, elongated wooden pieces often used for decorative or functional purposes in design, such as wall coverings or partitions.

Common wood species for slats include oak, pine, cedar, and walnut, chosen for their durability, aesthetics, and versatility.

Yes, Wood Slats are highly customizable. You can choose different lengths, widths, finishes, and patterns to match your design preferences.

Regular cleaning with a soft, damp cloth and avoiding excessive exposure to moisture will help maintain the beauty and longevity of Wood Slats.

Yes, Wood Slats are versatile and can enhance both interior spaces like accent walls and exterior areas like fences or facades.

Installation involves securely fixing the slats to the desired surface. Our team ensures a precise and visually appealing installation tailored to your space.