Wood Panels

Element Decor: Your Trusted Source for Wood Panels

We take pride in our products because we are among the few in the market that consistently meet high standards of quality.

We specialize in crafting panels tailored to your interior design needs.

Our panel modifications can align perfectly with your ideas and desires, including the incorporation of milled inlays or enamel-painted inlays in a wide range of colors.

Furthermore, we can enhance your designs with features such as lights, metal inserts, mirror inserts, and a selection of 150 natural wood veneer options, among others.

Our Process

1. Consultation

Transform your space with Element Decor’s wood panels through a thorough consultation. We consider your needs, design preferences, and space characteristics. Our goal is to create a customized project exceeding expectations, ensuring comfort and satisfaction.

2. Design and Selection

Through a detailed consultation, Element Decor collaborates with you to elevate your space with wood panels. Understanding your unique needs, lifestyle, and design preferences, we create a customized project. Our goal is to exceed expectations by incorporating essential features into the design for your comfort and satisfaction.

3. Estimate

Element Decor team is devoted to bringing your wood paneling project to life within your budget. We’ll furnish a comprehensive estimate tailored to your financial plan, covering all vital aspects. Our objective is to make sure your vision of transforming your space with wood panels is not just attainable but also cost-effective, meeting all your remodeling requirements

4. Installation

Engage Element Decor for expert wood panel solutions. From thorough consultations to precise installations, we tailor projects to your needs, ensuring satisfaction with every panel’s transformation.

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Our Projects

Wood Panels FAQs

Installation times vary but typically range from a day to a few days, depending on the project scope and complexity.

Regular dusting and occasional polishing with a wood-friendly cleaner keep your wood panels looking pristine.

Yes, wood panels are versatile and can be installed on various wall surfaces, including drywall and concrete.

Yes, for high-humidity areas, it’s advisable to choose moisture-resistant wood types and proper sealants.

Absolutely! We provide customization options to tailor the wood panel designs to your unique preferences.

Ensure the wall is clean and prepped. Our team will guide you through any specific preparations based on your project.